Let’s Choose Pedestrian Safety over Driving Convenience

Tragic Death of 5 Year Old Girl in Toronto

Dear Westmount Families,

As many of you have heard, there was a tragic death of a 5 year old girl at a Toronto school this week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family.  This was as a result of car pinning the girl and her father against another vehicle.  

This tragedy is a symptom of a bigger issue that exists at all schools in Ontario – that being parents driving their children to and from school. At Westmount we are appreciative and thankful to those of you who have embraced the value and benefits of walking your children to and from school; for those of you who have adjusted your work schedules to walk your children to and from school; for those of you who have partnered with other parents and take turns walking your children to and from school, and for those who although choose to drive, do so by following all laws of the road including not using the school parking lot.

We do not want to be the next school in Ontario reporting a tragic death as a result of a child being hit by a car. So once again we are sending out a reminder to all parents to not use the school parking lot and to continue to obey all traffic laws surrounding the school perimeter. Thank you in advance for placing the safety of ALL of our children first over “driving” convenience.

The Toronto Star Article and a CTV interview are included below. Please review these two news items.