Student Vacation Form:

FS-20-X_Temporary_Student_Withdrawal_Form FINAL (2)


Administering of Medication: 


If your child needs to be given medication during the school day –

please fill out this form and bring to the school with the medication –

(it MUST be in the original bottle with a label with your child’s name

and Pharmacy on it)


Volunteer Form

People wishing to volunteer at school or on a field trip are required to complete the Volunteer Process.

It involves three steps:

A. Complete the Volunteer Interview Form. Appendix-A-Volunteer-Application

B. Complete an online Police Vulnerable Sector Check. Waterloo Regional Police Force’s webpage.

Note: There is a $20 cost for this.   If you submit your receipt to the office, Westmount School Council will reimburse you for this expense.

C. A reference check will be completed by school administration to one or two of the references that you provide.