2018-2019 School Council Elected Membership:

Meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm in the School Library.  Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

Secretary – Mary Kennedy
Treasurer – Jocelyn Schofield
Vice Chair – Courtney Janssen-Grieve
Chair – Trevor Dueck
Community Member: none
Member-at-Large (15 positions):
Melissa Haveroen
Ivana Ivanisevic
Miranda Bilotta
Brooke Jutzi
Janine Ouimet
Meghan Randall
Lisa Klimstra
Angela King
Tricia Brasier
Semira Mohamed
Lynda Waellering

School Council Agenda September 19th, 2018.docx

School Council Agenda 2018-10-17


2018-2019 – Form to complete for upcoming School Council Elections:

18-19School Council.elections.doc

2017-2018 Westmount School Council Report


2017-2018 School Council Membership:

School Council Chair – Christine Carmody            Vice-Chair – Lisa Klimstra

Secretary – Mary Kennedy, Lynda Waellering

Treasurer – Christina Vester

Voting Members – Trevor Dueck, Meghan Randall, Angela King, Melissa Haveron, Jocelyn Schofield, Courtney Janssen-Grieve, Derek Koehler, Brooke Jutzi, Janine Ouimet, Eva Platch

2017-2018 Meeting Dates: 7:00pm – Third Wednesday of the month

School Council.elections.doc


2016-2017 School Council Report:

2016-17 Westmount School Council Annual Report